Experience gained in numerous installations, has identified the need to support our customers in the start-up phase of the project, ensuring a site inspection service prior to the production of materials.

Purpose of the technical supervision, is the checks of all aspects of construction, evaluated in the preliminary design stage, by comparing how the structure was designed on the basis of information received from the customer (building, location and elevator), with the reality of the specific installation.

During the site inspection, jointly performed with a customer technician, we verify every dimensional aspect (in between floor space, available spaces, headroom, pit, etc ..), of the planned aesthetic solutions, the proper execution of building works, the positioning from the building, the anchor possibilieties and any other aspects concerning the correct production and installation of the metal structure, thus ensuring that the production phase, is carried out in full compliance with technical and aesthetic requirement of the specific installation.

During the site inspection, we also shall provide to the client all the necessary information to make the construction site receptive at the moment of the installation beginning, from masonry work to accessories works (scaffolding, current construction site, etc ..), to unloading and storage logistics (moving devices, suitable vehicle for transport , storage areas, etc ..).

We could then ensure, through the use of check-list the production and the delivery of suitable materials in a suitably receptive location.


As well as for site inspections, we identified the need to provide installation service of the product, with the goals of ensuring a competitive cost and the best result possible.

The Installation of Indastria products, is performed by  360 degrees trained workers (unloading methodologies, storage, assembly, company references and spare parts), allowing large synergies and ensuring that any problems or uncertainties arising on site, can be solved without involvement of the customer, starting from the unloading and material check.

We cover substantially all of the national territory, as well as France, England and Germany and we have workers, equipment, training and documentation, suitable for any kind of private or public contract.